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We (Consumed) say often that we value relationships. This isn’t just some spiritual phrase we throw around to sound good. We truly value the relationships God has formed both organizationally and more importantly…the friendships we have formed with people all over the world. Through the context of relationships we are provided the opportunities to accomplish […]

Your Faith is Greater Than Mine

From Rob Stearns I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time–the many ways to Heaven/Paradise/the afterlife. It ultimately boils down to a question of faith…but at some point faith needs to be based on some basis of logic and/or facts I would think. As a Christian who has placed his faith in the person, […]

I believe…

I was at a joint church gathering recently and the following poem was read. I found the writing to be beautiful so I thought I would share it here…with the author’s permission of course. Speaking of the author – her name is Chandler Weir I believe in the Almighty The omnipresence of the church I […]

“Wide Eyed” Release!

Consumed Publishing is very proud to offer you the latest production – WIDE EYED, written by Gretchen Miller. Gretchen writes the following concerning her hopes for what Wide Eyed may do to assist your walk with God: “This (journaling) may be a first for some of you. It may seem intimidating or you may think […]

Annual Ohio BBQ

Thanks to everyone that came out to this summer’s Ohio BBQ. Tim & Charlie did an amazing job cooking pounds and pounds of brats, burgers, and hot dogs. I can’t even express my thanks to everyone else that just showed up unannounced to help. There is an army of people with servant hearts in Columbus! […]

Never Asunder

from Rob Stearns…a poem about hope NEVER ASUNDER A bond between two through blood now one one bond, one love simply one–together I slip away this bond remains I fade further I’m drifting this bond anchors keeps me at bay close to you despite myself away I walk further, farther your love, your embrace patiently […]

Broken in the House of Healing

From Rob Stearns… Sometimes I think we put such an emphasis on making sure that our “church” looks perfect. That we should all put on a smile and present to the world a united front (farce?) that everyone of us and everything in our lives, everyday, is oh so pretty and perfect. I’m fortunate to […]

The Stitt Family

This is the Stitt family. They are heading to Moldova in less than two weeks to come alongside of the local churches there in putting an end to human trafficking. There are two areas that will take most of their time and efforts. 1. Home of Hope – This is a home for young women […]

The Love of God

A group of men from my church along with some other guys have formed a Men’s Book Club. Before you laugh, let me assure you this is a very manly book club. If you would have told me in High School that when I was 34 years old I would be a part of a […]

Supernatural Gift

from Abby Dubbe I couldn’t live without the church. Without a doubt my spiritual health would fail. God has lead me to live in various states and cities throughout my 28 years of life. I can confidently say that what made each of those places home to me was the church. (Ok, if I’m being […]