We (Consumed) say often that we value relationships. This isn’t just some spiritual phrase we throw around to sound good. We truly value the relationships God has formed both organizationally and more importantly…the friendships we have formed with people all over the world. Through the context of relationships we are provided the opportunities to accomplish the mission God has given us – to share the message of abundant life. Last week Dan Shearer, Eric & Lisa Beavers, and I were privileged to share this message through song, speaking, and our resources through Consumed Publishing. But none of this would have happened without our friendships with Ray Lines, Adam “Woody” Evans, and the people of Calvary Baptist & Bible Baptist in upstate NY. And now, as a result of this trip, we have formed even more relationships. It is my prayer that we can serve both these new friends and the friends we have known for a while. The more people that experience abundant life (like the Lines & Evans family) the greater impact the global church will have on our world. So thank you to all that hosted us and we look forward to seeing what God will do next. Below are some pictures from the trip (taken from Eric’s iphone so they are not camera quality) and two links where you can find a few of the talks given while traveling (also available on our Itunes Consumed Podcasts).

(General Sherman author Danielle O’Keefe & Illustrator Devon O’Keefe with their friend Kyle. The group is known as Carrier Pidgin)

Jamie speaking at Alpha Team in Clarks Summit, PA – Knowing God, hope, and power

Jamie speaking to Calvary Baptist in Norwich, NY – Forgiveness

We are working on seeing if Dan Shearer’s talk to Bible Baptist was recorded. If we get an audio file of that we will post it too.


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