“Retold”…now available!

Retold Cover

Retold is a heart felt collection of stories gathered from the Bible,
starting with creation and going all the way to the early church in Acts.
Each chapter holds trial and redemption and is woven together with true
life feelings and challenges.

Like any good story the objective is to bring the reader into an
emotional place of connection and understanding with the protagonist.
Sarah has taken the narratives of ten women found in the fine paper pages
of the Bible and given them flesh and passion while holding true to their
integrity. This book can be read individually or in a small group setting;
complete with discussion questions tucked near the back to help
conversation flow.

For those of us who grew up in church hearing classic character
stories told from thick children’s Bibles, poster boards, flannel graphs and
the nativity play at Christmas, you’re in for a treat because there is so much
more to be told.

Read more from author Sarah Stadler – greenheart

Genesis – Deuteronomy Study

If you are interested in the following, let me (Jamie) know…


What? A study of the Pentateuch (also called “The Law” – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

When? – Wednesday Nights – 7:00 pm – June 19, 26, July 10, 17, 24

Where? – The Miller’s Home

Why? Well…there are many obvious reasons for studying God’s Word. The purpose of this study is to give all participants an overview of the first five books of the Bible. A desired outcome is for each participant to feel more confident in reading & studying these books so they can impact their communities. The story of God and the redemption of mankind began in these books!

What will it look like?

An overview of each book will be given at the Wednesday gathering times (Genesis – June 19, Exodus – June 26, etc.). Beginning the 2nd week we will start our gathering times discussing what we learned from the previous week’s study.

There will also be required studies outside of our gathering times. There will be 2 discussion questions posted on an online format. Each participant will need to give a required response to the initial questions (2-3 paragraphs). On two separate days before the next week’s gathering, the participants will also need to comment or ask questions concerning the other participant’s responses.

This study isn’t designed to be a once a week kind of study. Each participant will be immersed in thought throughout the week about these books. This online and face-to-face format will allow us to learn and grow from each other.

What if I can’t make it on Wednesdays (You may live in a different location)? There is a possibility of still taking the class but this will require watching a video of a portion of the Wednesday gatherings online. You can still participate in the online discussions. Let Jamie know if this option interests you.

Jars of Clay

No…not the band. I am talking about you. You are the Jars of Clay! You can hear about it here – Jars of Clay (Jamie speaking at Jesus is Lord Church in Bloomington, MN)

Jackie Bode

Jackie is the newest member of the Consumed family. She has spent the last five years reaching out to the college students at Winona State University with the great news of Jesus. She will now be transitioning to the Twin Cities to begin a new work with us. Her role with Consumed will be to coach/train/develop young worship leaders by bringing them with her wherever she leads worship- inside prisons, homeless shelters, churches, etc. She is very excited for this new opportunity as it will give her freedom to fulfill God’s calling in her life through music ministry: to raise up the next generation of worship leaders. Pray for Jackie as she settles into life in the Twin Cities and begins exploring opportunities to fulfill this calling. She will be officially starting with Consumed on July 1.

Living Beyond Awesome

I have run 3 Half-marathons in my life and dribbled a basketball during one of them. I thought completing those races was a pretty amazing accomplishment…until I read a book entitled Living Beyond Awesome. Jen McDonough is, as she describes herself, “an ordinary, everyday, mom & wife” that completed an Ironman Triathlon. I mean the real deal Ironman Triathlon…not a modified triathlon. The full fledge triathlon that consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. All three phases have to be done in a 17- hour time limit to be considered an “ironman” (or “woman” in Jen’s case).

If you are looking for an encouraging story to motivate yourself to face the impossible in 2013, Living Beyond Awesome is the right push towards action you are looking for. Jen shares how she overcame her fears, perceived physical inabilities, and overcrowded schedule to accomplish what she sensed God was asking her to do. Not everyone is asked to complete an Ironman Triathlon but we all have various tasks & goals we know God wants us to accomplishment. If Jen was willing to do the hard work and persevere, I know we can too.

For more information, including ordering your own copy or copies, visit www.livingbeyondawesome.com


Jamie spoke to the Alpha Team and Heritage Baptist Church youth group about courage on September 28, 2011. “Perfect love drives out fear” – I John


Finding God & Your True Self

Consumed Publishing is proud to release the first of two books in August, 2011. The first publication is “Finding God & Your True Self” by Jamie Overholser. Jamie writes the following in his introduction:

I write the following pages in the spirit of Henri Nouwen who admittedly did not completely grasp or live fully the thoughts and truths contained in his books. In fact, from time to time I will reread what I wrote months ago and struggle with believing it. Not because I think it’s wrong, but because I find it incredibly difficult to live. In the words of a friend, these truths need to be “re-read, re-learned, turned over, and re-worked” in such a way that keeps me sensitive as I walk this spiritual path of finding God and my True Self.

The release date is set for August 11 but you can pre-order your copy or copies now by hitting the google checkout button below. I highly encourage you to read this book. It may be used of God to open your eyes to the false identity you are wearing…even if you do not realize it. Christ set you free to truly know Him, walk with Him, be identified with Him, and live abundantly. Jamie’s writing will assist you in that journey.