Raising Sisters 

Creating a roof of love for women to
be and become.

1 Corinthians 13:7

Gretchen Miller – Director 


In I Corinthians 13, part of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church of Corinth, he writes a beautiful description of what love looks like. In verse 7, he writes “Love bears all things.” The Greek root word for “bear” in this verse can literally be translated as “roof”. Roofs cover. Roofs protect. Roofs create a safe space. Love is a roof. I love that imagery.

The mission of Raising Sisters is to create spaces where confidence and growth can happen. Grounded in our God-given identities we have the opportunity to offer one another roofs of love where we can both be and become—a true and beautiful sisterhood.


Consumed Ministries values relationships and partnerships as key to our vision and mission. Raising Sisters is grateful for the partnerships and relationships God has forged as we seek to proclaim the message of abundant life, specifically to women.

Black Butterfly Transitional Services is led by our friend Amber Brown. She has a home in Crystal, MN where women coming out of prison or who are at-risk can live while being mentored with certain life skills. I serve on Amber’s board and have been encouraged by her friendship and her common heart to see women walking in fullness.

Black Butterfly

Transitional Services

Jamie and I were first introduced to Prison Fellowship Academy (PFA) by Jackie Dixon, another Consumed Ministries team member. After a few years of Jamie speaking and myself attending the Tuesday Night Live worship service inside Shakopee, Jamie and I were approached about teaching a weekly class for the women in the PFA program. We began teaching in 2019 and were blessed to teach 4 different classes of women over the span of 15 months before the pandemic closed the prison to outside volunteers in March of 2020. God has been faithful and despite not being able to go inside the prison, he has opened doors for us to serve alumni of the PFA program who have been released. We lead the monthly PFA alumni breakfast, which is a lovely time to reconnect and to encourage one another.

Prison Fellowship Academy

Restore Honor is a collaborative movement, a call to action, and a guiding value to see the end of sexual exploitation in the Twin Cities and beyond. We meet monthly with a collection of men and women to pray, encourage, learn, and seek God concerning this devastating epidemic. We believe God is laying the foundation for great work in the life of his body and we are blessed to know such amazing men, women, and organizations who are leading out in this way.

Restore Honor

Anti-Trafficking Work