From Rob Stearns

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time–the many ways to Heaven/Paradise/the afterlife. It ultimately boils down to a question of faith…but at some point faith needs to be based on some basis of logic and/or facts I would think. As a Christian who has placed his faith in the person, life, actions–and ultimate death and resurrection–of Jesus Christ, I have to admit people who place their faith in theories that can be disproved through basic math, or with definitions which cannot be defined or following dead prophets into the afterlife…all I have is Christ, his death, and resurrection; all I have are prophecies that can be proven to have come true; all I have is a man who claimed to be God and then backed it up.

To those who have placed their faith in anything else than the death and resurrection (as in: being dead and then coming back to life) all I can say is, your faith is greater than mine.

Your Faith is Greater Than Mine

A theory of numbers
exponential senselessness
A theory of mutations
inverted advancement
A theory of laws broken
facts, figures, overlooked by blindness
Your faith is greater than mine

A search for inner peace
completed on astral planets
A search for personal truth
polluted, perverted delusion
A search for perfection
definitions for perfection not defined
Your faith is greater than mine

A journey to paradise
weighed down by burdens and guilt
A journey to the afterlife
led by prophets long dead
A journey forward
while living in centuries past
Your faith is greater than mine


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