An email I received this morning concerning Ang…

Hi Guys,
I just talked to Angela and she is praising the Lord.

She is feeling much better and went home around 11:00 today.

She slept great last night and is starting to keep food down.

All this to say that this last bout with all the ickyness was probably
side effects from one of the antibiotics used to treat her infection.

She has been off of it for 48 hours now and she feels much better.

She asked for prayer because, since the last antibiotic caused side
effects for her, the doctor is starting a different antibiotic starting
tonight at home. Pray for no side effects.

I want you all to know how much you guys mean to Angela and that you
are praying for her and Cliff. When she called she was crying because
she loves you all so much and are thankful for each one of you.

She said she would love to talk to you and see you all whenever, so
feel free to give her a call or visit her at the house she has alot of
praising God she would love to share.

Thanks to all


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