Yesterday I watched a stewardess aboard my flight melt when I said the words “Merry Christmas” to her as I exited the plane. You know how they stand there as you leave – giving the obligatory “have a nice day”’ and “thanks for flying with us”. Well this woman gave me a “Have a great holiday!”. And for me, it was a missing letter that caused me to speak. Normally I would have nodded and continued on my way, but because she was very specific in her greeting, I had to be very specific in my reply. If she would have said “holidays”, I would have known she was referring to both Christmas and New Years lumped together. Cuz that’s what they are, really, holidays. One holiday plus one holiday = holidays. But she stated the word “holiday” very assuredly referring to Christmas, as it is on our very near horizon. So I replied, maybe a little confidently, with “Merry Christmas”, and her whole standard and stiff demeaner instantly disappeared. I saw relief. It crept out on her face and filled her whole body. Her posture changed. A genuine smile appeared, replacing the fake plastered smile. Her eyes became expressive as they focused on me. Not only was she relieved, but she was happy! Reason being? Why was she so happy? The answer came in her response. She was happy because I had given her the opportunity and the permission to say was she wasn’t allowed to say. She eagerly responded with a a very excited “Merry Christmas” of her own.

I’ve been hearing about this whole politically correct controversy for a few weeks now. Holiday is the word that’s replacing Christmas. Happy Holiday. Holiday Tree. The Holiday. In the pursuit of PC, the renaming of the celebration of Christ’s birth is making it possible to never think about Him throughout the ‘Holiday”. My reason for posting this isn’t to give my input or suggestions – I want to hear yours. So please…comment. What do you think of the redefining of terms?


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