Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat…”

This verse was pointed out to me this past weekend. Pretty freaky! This is Jesus talking here to Peter. Could you imagine this scene? Could you imagine Jesus turning to you and informing you that God’s enemy has personally asked to destroy you? I was reminded last week once again that the enemy is alive and well. There is a real battle going on for the hearts & lives of people today. Satan is active, alive, and determined to kill, steal, and destroy.

So I pull on to this camp on Thursday to speak for a High School Retreat. As soon as the car turned on to the gravel road entrance to the camp, I immediately became short of breath and my heart was beating viciously fast. I had no idea what was going on until a bit later. I began to discover that many of the teens at the camp have succumbed to the wiles of Satan. They are blinded to the goodness & greatness of God and believe all sorts of lies about Him. As I read honest evaluations of their spiritual journeys (they each filled out a card and these were posted on a board in the chapel), many mentioned their displeasure for God and God’s people. Not once was Satan mentioned. Not one time! It is as if he doesn’t exist in their worlds. God is to blame for everything while Satan sits back unnoticed, sneaky, loving every minute of it.

It was just a wake up call for me. I have forgotten over the last few months Satan’s purpose for existence — “to kill, steal, and destroy” our lives. Have you forgotten?


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