I can tell from the way people are talking, the way stores are decorated, and the color and design of starbucks cups that there is almost no one in this world who cares that in two days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I really don’t know why I get so aggravated this time of year – but without fail, it always happens. Two weeks before Thanksgiving retail outlets everywhere begin decorating for and celebrating Christmas! I don’t get it! What happened to the joy of giving thanks with family??? The joy of eating turkey until it comes out your ears and then taking a 2 hour turkey nap and then eating more when you woke up??? What happened to being excited about turkey day football and seeing who was going to get the turkey leg award from John Madden (or whatever that crazy guy gives out at the end of the game)??? What happened to stopping for a moment and acknowledging – just like the pilgrims did – that we’ve been provided for and cared for over the last 12 months???? Stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables, DINNER ROLLS (my favorite – hence the all caps), pumpkin pie, and a slew of other things!!! These are all things that have somehow become obsolete and we skip right from Halloween to Christmas. Now – don’t get me wrong….I’m not a Christmas-hater. I love Jesus, and I love the fact that our country allows us to take time to celebrate His physical birthday. Believe me – come the end of December I’m wearing the silly snowflake sweaters and sucking down peppermint mocca’s in my red snowflaked starbucks cup. But I just wish we would be excited about spending time with friends and family eating more food than we need and giving thanks to our Creator that He has miraculously provided for all of our needs for yet another year of our lives. Just for one day! Understandably – Black Friday comes right on the heels of our Turkey coma….but do we really have to look at decorated christmas trees in target a week after halloween??!! Does there really have to be garland and bells hanging from the ceiling of the Southdale Mall 2 weeks before we even buy our first crust for the pumpkin pie??
Ok, i’m done grumbling. So, being as it IS Thanksgiving – let’s hear from you the readers! I’ll give two options for the comment section. first option: what has God done in the past year that you are truly thankful for? second option: what is a favorite/funny Thanksgiving memory?
Well, I hope you all have an incredible week! Enjoy the time off, have safe travels if you’re traveling (Lisa and I are going to Chicago this weekend!), and please just take time to celebrate Thanksgiving!


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