Raising Sisters 

Creating a roof of love for
women to be and become.

1 Corinthians 13:7

Who we are

The Raising Sisters Initiative is co-led by Jeannine and Gretchen. God has forged a beautiful team and sisterhood between them and out of that flows an invitation for the women to join in and experience it for themselves. Jeannine has been connected to Shakopee for over 10 years as a volunteer (5 years as a program manager for Prison Fellowship Academy) and a Consumed Team Member since 2021. Gretchen has been involved with Shakopee since 2019 as a teacher in the Prison Fellowship Academy and through the re-entry work done by Raising Sisters.

We value relationships and partnerships as key to our vision and mission. Raising Sisters is grateful for the collaborations God has forged as we seek to proclaim the message of abundant life, specifically to women. 

What we do


Thursday nights are a come-as-you-are space for women who have been incarcerated at the Shakopee Women’s Correctional facility. We support one another through listening, prayer, and encouragement. Check-ins are typically held on Zoom and once a month in person to share a meal and have face-to-face contact and conversation.

Celebrate Recovery

As a volunteer under Prison Fellowship, Jeannine facilitates Life’s Healing Choices and Celebrate recovery for Prison Fellowship Academy participants. This is a significant faith-based program focused on overcoming addiction.


As volunteers under Prison Fellowship, Jamie and Gretchen have the opportunity to teach an optional leadership course to any graduate of the Prison Fellowship Academy who still has time to serve in the Shakopee Correctional Facility. Our heart is to empower these women as the church inside Shakopee to lead out and take hold of the abundant life Jesus offers. We believe as they do this God will continue to use them to build the church and the gates of hell will not stand against it. 


“Remember those in Prison.” Relationships and collaboration are vital to what we do. We are grateful for the church communities that provide space for us to meet and write letters/cards to incarcerated women.


Saturday mornings are a coming together for Prison Fellowship mentors, volunteers, and alumni of the PFA program in the Shakopee Correctional Facility. We share a meal, a time of singing, reflection and encouragement. Saturday breakfasts are best described as a family reunion.


Re-entering society can pose significant challenges for women in terms of finding stable housing and paying for basic needs (food, gas, clothing). Our desire is to one day have a re-entry house for women,but until God opens that door, we use this fund as a way to support women in transition.

Prison Fellowship

We are able to enter the prison and teach as volunteers and under the umbrella of Prison Fellowship. Shakopee was the first ever women’s correctional facility to have a Prison Fellowship Academy and we are grateful for their presence inside Shakopee. Pamela Rubash is the program manager and a wonderful ally in this work.