This is my friend Ritah. I am the one next to her glowing like an angel (sorry for the bad picture!). Last evening my family and friends participated in a Multicultural Community Dinner at Normandale Community College. It was an evening of International dishes, dance, poetry, guitar playing, and singing. Ritah, one of InterVarsity presidents, had the honor of singing and representing her homeland of Uganda. But last night she represented more than Uganda when she sang. She represented her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As she stood on that little stage in front of 100 or so people from their various countries and faiths, Ritah proudly stated she was going to sing to her Lord. She told the listeners she was singing a song in her native Ugandan language entitled, “Let me sing“. She said her performance was dedicated to the one who has blessed her life…Jesus. She hoped her singing would bless all who listened. I believe it did!

As Ritah sang “Let me sing” I looked around that room and saw faces from Mexico, Vietnam, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Russia, Canada, and the United States (to name a few) watching Ritah worship undignified before God. It made me think of the day when every tongue, tribe, and nation will bow before Jesus and “sing” to the King of the Earth. It convinced me even more that I was right where I needed to be…using my life to “sing” the wondrous news of LIFE to the nations in my backyard. Thanks Ritah for last night. You touched my heart along with so many others. Let’s keep singing and watch the world meet Jesus.


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