Well, the Millers just returned from Ohio (basketball camp & speaking) and
IA (visit our newest niece). We had a wonderful trip but it was marvelous
to sleep in my own bed last night. Our mattress has one of those little
extra small mattresses built on top of the regular mattress (as you can see
I have no idea what the name is). I missed that little guy. I slept like a
slumbering bear for seven solid blissful hours. Anyway, I put some pics on
here from the b-ball camp. Many wonderful aspiring shooters attended. If
they don’t end up shooting like me, I consider it a successful venture.
There should be a new podcast soon at itunes with my chat from Sunday at
Immanuel Baptist Churcy as well. We will try and keep this blog updated
more frequently in the near future. Well, we at least believe we will try
at this point.


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