I’ve opened the Consumed Pool to any interested participants. All are welcome to play. We don’t care what your strategy is! Pick all the higher seeds, choose the team with the best uniforms, go crazy with the upsets, whatever. I’ll give you a little hint though, pick OSU to win it all and you will go far! CBS Sportsline does a great job with their brackets. It is very user friendly.

To get in, go to this link: Consumed NCAA Bracket
Password: abs
If you don’t have a user name with CBS Sportsline, you will have to create an identity. Takes no time at all.

You can make your picks beginning on Monday, March 12 and have until the first game tips off on Thursday, March 14 to second guess and change some things around.

2005 Champion — Eric Beavers (He got lucky because his weak Tarheels pulled it off!)
2006 Champion — Jamie Miller (I won’t give up my title easily. AND, I’m still waiting on my wings!!!)


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