I was at a joint church gathering recently and the following poem was read. I found the writing to be beautiful so I thought I would share it here…with the author’s permission of course. Speaking of the author – her name is Chandler Weir

I believe in the Almighty
The omnipresence of the church I can feel,
For it is not a building, a structure, an address,
It is a community, a feeling, a family,
Where protection and comfort can be found,
Where support can be given or received,
And the sinners of the world may come together,
United by their love and passion for God
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
Often forgotten and rendered less important,
Or maybe, it is just that it is less understood.
But this is the spirit that feels our very being,
Never leaves us alone,
Fills the space in our hearts,
Whispers that help is always near,
That Jesus,
The Son of God
Born of the Virgin Mary
Sent from Heaven
He walked the Earth to show God’s love, to save us all from sin’s wrath.
I have chosen to follow him forever,
To give my heart and soul to him,
Honor and love him,
For he is Lord of all,
Who created the Sun and the stars,
Hearts that beat, bringing both life and compassion.
It is in my heart to continue the work of Jesus,
To live a life not for myself, but for him,
To show his mercy and compassion,
And prove,
That he loves us, sins and all
That he is the rock to hold fast to,
When life is hard or the future is unclear,
And know that with him, and only him,
Jesus, our Alpha and Omega, Lord of all,
Can we weather the storm.


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