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    The story of Abraham is THE story of the entire Hebrew Bible. I am excited to see what we learn this week. Blessings!

    Week Three Podcast

    Map of Abraham’s Journey

    Week Three Teaching Notes

    GENESIS 12
    Review from chapter 11:27-32

    Key Points:

    • Sarai was unable to conceive.
    • Lot was Abram’s nephew.

    Vs. 1-9 – Discussion Question: What did God promise Abram?

    KEY POINT – This promise sets the stage for the rest of the Hebrew Bible.

    GENESIS 13

    Abram & Lot go separate ways

    Vs. 8-9 – Discussion Question: What did it take for Abram to offer Lot the first choice of land?

    GENESIS 14

    Vs. 12 – Lot ends up being taken into captivity.

    Vs. 16 – Abram rescues Lot.

    Vs. 18-20 – Discussion Question: What is unique about Melchizedek?

    GENESIS 15

    The Covenant is reaffirmed with Abram.

    Vs. 6 – “Credited to him as righteousness” – Discussion Question: What does this mean?

    Vs. 12-16 – God’s word about slavery in Egypt.

    GENESIS 16

    Hagar & Ishmael

    • Sarai convinces Abram to procreate with one of her maidservants Hagar so she (Sarai) could “build a family through her” (vs. 2). Sarai becomes angry with Hagar and has her sent away. God speaks to Hagar and promises her that many descendants will come from her son (vs. 10).

    GENESIS 17

    Vs. 1-8 – The promise of God for Abram is given again.

    • Vs. 5 & 15 – Name Changes

    o “Abram” – Exalted father
    o “Abraham” – Father of a multitude

    o “Sarai” – Princess
    o “Sarah” – Noble Woman

    Vs. 9-14 – Discussion Question: What is the sign of the covenant between Abraham & God?

    Vs. 23-24 – Abraham’s obedience

    GENESIS 18

    Vs. 1-15 – The promise of a son from the three visitors.

    • “The Lord said…” – Vs. 22, chapter 19:1

    Vs. 16-33 – Abraham’s bold request before the Lord

    GENESIS 19

    The destruction of the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah

    Vs. 36-38 – The result of Lot’s daughters’ horrific act – Moabites & Ammonites

    GENESIS 20

    Abraham lies again. This time he lies to Abimelek, King of Gerar.

    Vs. 14-16 – God continues to bless Abraham.

    GENESIS 21

    Vs. 1-7 – The Birth of Isaac

    Vs. 8-21 – Hagar & Ishmael sent away but God promises to make a nation out of Ishamel because he is Abraham’s offspring.

    GENESIS 22

    Vs. 1-2 – God tests Abraham

    Vs. 12 – Abraham passes the test

    Vs. 15-18 – God again confirms His promise to Abraham.

    GENESIS 23

    Sarah dies and Abraham buries her near Mamre in Canaan. Abraham refused to accept the burial plot as a gift. He paid the full price to Ephron, the owner of the field.

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