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    Week Five Podcast

    Session Four Teaching Notes – Genesis 37 – 50

    GENESIS 37

    Vs. 2 – “This is the account of Jacob’s family line.” – The last section of Genesis
    Vs. 3 – “Ornate robe” – or “Coat of many colors” – Tunic, under garment, a long shirt-like garment usually of linen.
    Vs. 4-11 – Gasoline on the fire!
    Vs. 12 – 36 – Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers.

    GENESIS 38

    A story of Judah

    Vs. 1-11 – The situation.
    Vs. 12 – Judah forgot about Tamar
    Vs. 13-23 – Tamar’s plan
    Vs. 24-26 – Judah recognizes his wrongdoing and he makes things right.

    The point of this:

    • The first three sons were knuckleheads so since Jacob thought Joseph died, Judah was next in line for the birthright.
    • It was Judah’s idea to sell Joseph into slavery.
    • When Joseph reveals himself to the brothers Judah volunteers to stay in jail rather than have Benjamin do it.
    • Judah is the first of the older brothers to receive Jacob’s blessings.

    GENESIS 39

    Vs. 2– “The Lord was with Joseph” – A phrase we will see often in Joseph’s life.
    “Prospered” – Made progress, succeeded
    Vs. 3-6 – Joseph’s rise in influence in Potiphar’s house.
    Vs. 7-20 – Joseph is wrongfully thrown into prison.
    Vs. 21-23 – “The Lord was with him…”
    • Joseph’s rise of influence in the prison.

    GENESIS 40

    • The cupbearer and baker have dreams.
    • Joseph interprets them successfully.

    Vs. 23 – “The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.”

    GENESIS 41

    Vs. 1- “When two full years had past…”
    Vs. 2-8 – Pharoah’s dream & no one can interrupt it.
    Vs. 9-15 – Joseph is brought before Pharoah.
    Vs. 16 – Joseph puts his hope in God.
    Vs. 33-36 – The initiative & boldness of Joseph.
    Vs. 37-57 – Joseph’s rise of influence in Egypt & the world.
    Vs. 38 – “…one in whom is the Spirit of God.”
    Vs. 51 – “Manassaeh” – “Causing to forget”

    GENESIS 42 – 46 – Joseph is reunited with his family

    42 – All of the brothers except for Benjamin go to Egypt to get food. Joseph recognizes them but does not reveal his identity. He has Simeon put in prison and tells the other brothers to go back and bring the “youngest brother” to Egypt. At the end of the chapter Jacob does not want to send Benjamin back.

    43 – Judah convinces Jacob to send Benjamin back to Egypt with the brothers. He personally takes the responsibility to return Benjamin back to Jacob. Upon their arrival to Egypt Joseph has Simeon returned to the brothers. Joseph has a feast prepared for the brothers but Benjamin received five times the amount of food and gifts as the other brothers did.

    44 – Joseph has the brothers sent on their way with food to assist them in the time of famine but he has his silver cup placed in Benjamin’s sack without the brothers knowing it. After they leave, Joseph has his people track them down and tells the brothers that someone stole Joseph’s silver cup. The brothers deny it but of course the silver cup was found in Benjamin’s sack. The brothers go back to Egypt and beg Joseph for mercy. Joseph says that only Benjamin will remain there in prison because he is the one that took the cup. Judah pleads with Joseph for him (Judah) to stay in place of Benjamin so that Jacob does not have to face that misery.

    Discussion Question: How much has Judah changed since chapter 37?

    45 – Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. They are terrified but he weeps with them in joy. At the end of the chapter the brothers return to Canaan to tell Jacob that Joseph is alive and it is time to move to Egypt to survive the famine.

    God’s plan through the life of Joseph – Vs. 4-11

    46 – God reaffirms to Jacob that he (Jacob) will be made into a great nation in Egypt. All of the sons of Jacob (Israel) that went to Egypt are listed. In vs. 28-30 the moving reunion of Jacob and Joseph is described.

    GENESIS 47

    Vs. 1-12 – Pharaoh gives Jacob and the brothers the best land in Goshen. They were also given livestock to manage.
    Vs. 13-26 – Joseph acquires all of the land in Egypt for Pharaoh along with one-fifth of the crops.
    Vs. 27 – The family of Israel is growing.
    Vs. 28-31 – Joseph promises Jacob that he will bury him with his fathers and not in Egypt.

    GENESIS 48

    Jacob blesses Joseph and his sons – Manasseh & Ephraim – but he puts the younger Ephraim ahead of the older Manasseh.

    Vs. 5-6 – D.Q. – What did Jacob mean by “Ephraim & Manasseh are mine”?

    GENESIS 49

    Jacob blesses his sons before his death. He requests to be buried with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, and Leah.

    • Vs. 3-4 – Reuben’s blessings (remember chapter 35:22?)
    • Vs. 8-12 – Judah – D.Q. – Who is “until he to whom it belongs shall come”?

    GENESIS 50

    Vs. 1-14 – Joseph and his brothers mourn the death of Jacob. Jacob’s body is transferred to the burial place of his fathers.
    Vs. 19-21 – Joseph understood the plan of God.
    Vs. 22 – 26 – Joseph made the Israelites swear that they would take his bones back to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    • One more time the promise of God to Abraham is proclaimed through Joseph.

    CLIFFHANGER – Exodus 1:1-14

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