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“…our culture values doing and not just being.”

D1n, what does that teach us of our churches view of the gospel when as a community we feel the need to “do” when we come into our gatherings before God instead of just “be”?

Right? I mean the gospel says receive. There is nothing you must do now or ever to earn the love of God. I think we have a harder time understanding the gospel after we become follower of Jesus than before. It is harder for us to rest in his love after we have received because now we feel like we have to pay him back. He says “No”, just rest!

Bringing it back to the topic of creation; this is what creation commands. How often have you looked at the night sky, embraced a warm beach and looked over the thousands of endless blue miles of water and just stood or lay there speechless. there are no words. Creation commands us to stand in awe, in silence, of the God. We must only receive, and that’s the gospel!