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I Don’t even know how to answer this question but here i go. Is so hard to think about the person I use to be about 2 years ago and some of you that know my story i don’t want to go much into detail here. I just know that God changed the desires of my heart to be his in order to serve him in any way that i can. I use to live in the desires of my own flesh where i remember things would be feel right for such a while while later i come to realization and it brought me to feel lonely and so much pain in my heart. About a day ago the Lord brought me to a scripture thinking about this question, he brought me to 2Corinthians 3:12-18 where he reminded me that all my sins have been taken away because of the life that Christ gave me. It told me that i don’t have to live in that shameful and sinful life that i use to live. The verse that really hit me was verse 17, it says “now the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is , there is FREEDOM. I am free, Jesus has offered me a life without condemnation a life that i can be free of sin, in where i won’t feel pain or sadness but i would feel joy because Christ is in me. It also says because of his glory I am being transformed into his image. Because i been renewed he transformed my heart and my mind i am not that person anymore.

I also use to be such a sad and angry person that recently i’ve seen myself talking to people that i never even met before in my life and hearing there stories, exchanging numbers and talking about each others life and then at the end of our talk we plan on finding a day to hangout again and seeing each other. LAtely i’ve meet girls my age, where they reminded me of where i was standing before, where they are not walking with God. But i know that I have not met these girls by accidents or anything but because God has a plan for them and wants to use me? I Also been surrounded by homeless people everywhere i go. There is one lady that i always go see before i catch my bus to go to school and talk to her. She loves God so much that is so encouraging to hear the spirit speak through her we pray together and just listen to each other. i love it everyday she has a new story to tell me. She is a really old old woman and VERY wise her spirit is like no other. I know the lord is constantly there by my side where ever i walk. I always tell him that if there is anyway that i can serve him in order for his will to be done i am all for it. I can’t see me doing all this about two years ago. I Love how the Lord changes, molds us into something amazing and pure full of love but specially he gives us freedom.