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I think it is very important for God to point us our weaknesses because other wise we will never know them and think everything we are doing is perfect. That everything we do is under our control, which is NOT! we can’t do anything without the power and control of God. Like the article that i read said that God could of done anything he wanted at the time when wrestling with Jacob why did he have to wait until daybreak? he wanted for Jacob to come clean, he knew Jacob, he knew his heart, he just wanted for Jacob to really surrender and speak with truth. I love the part where the man says let me go and Jacob replies that no he doesn’t want to let go and wants his blessing. IS like saying, no Lord no Don’t go , I need you, please don’t leave me, i really need you and he gave his life to GOD, the one who can only save him from his problems he was facing. And that is why God changed his name, he became a new person, God renewed his mind ( romans 12 :2) his soul but because he submitted himself to the LORD.