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“satan is the one that accuses us of things and makes us feel guilty but God shows us our weakness so we can learn from our mistakes” i love that, that is so true. the lord doesn’t cause us to stumble but he opens our eyes to the blinded situations that we might be going trough. God doesn’t temp us, because he knows what it is to being tempted. i don’t know but i think we become so weak when we start doing all the things by ourselves and distancing ourselves from the Lord i know i do. I start doing things that i feel terrible the next morning sometimes when i wake up and i think to myself why did i do that?. But i think that once we know the mistakes we made and we don’t do them is cause we are being led by spirit of god, we are leading him guide us and he changes the ones who want to be changed. he transforms us into something new. Because we are different and our minds have been changed, we have been changed we don’t live that life anymore we live according to what the spirit drives us to do and live.