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My posts are kinda late this week. :/ Work-wise and family-wise it has been a busy weekend! Anyway, I think it is important to let God point out our weaknesses because sanctification is a process. Christ has saved us from sin to new life, and the out-working of that new life (sanctification) in our lives takes time. If we do not let God point out our weaknesses, that out-working will never happen. And, perhaps even more importantly, if we refuse to let God point out areas in our lives that need work, perhaps that is indicative of a hear that has not truly repented of sin. I certainly do not want that.
Through this story of Jacob wrestling with God I think we learn that God wants to show us our weaknesses and help us overcome them. He wants us to live rightly and see the new life he has given us fully worked out in our lives. I think God takes joy in helping us overcome sin and bestowing upon us the great good of new life and fellowship with him. If I’ve learned anything through struggling with my weaknesses, though, it’s that this certainly is a process.