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A lot of sins seem to wind themselves back to the root of pride. Generationally for me, I think pride would manifest itself in ways like not admitting to being wrong or not wanting to appear weak. This became more apparent to me when I would see this played out in my own children. And as I am correcting them, I would hear the voice of the Holy Spirit (loud and clear) reminding me that this is something I struggle with. That really gives motivation to want to change. I don’t want that to be a struggle for my kids or their kids.

Stopping the cycle for me is choosing to walk humbly and asking God to help me daily so that I model that for them. It is also being vigilant to correct them when I see this behavior rear its ugly head, as well as being honest with them about wrong choices I, or my family have made, and the negative effects that came of it. Our children don’t need us to be perfect.

We see that Isaac repeated the behavior, but did he know the story? I wonder if Abraham had told him and urged him not to make the same mistake….