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I think I struggle with anger and working too hard sometimes. Both of these issues I feel are generational for me. There are times when I get angry over things that I needn’t make a fuss about, though I do not think I struggle with that as much as I used to. Also, though I think hard work is good, there are times when I work too hard. I think this can be a sin when whatever it is that I am working at becomes an idol and takes all of my attention. I also think that this can be unhealthy because there are times when I do not rest enough as a result.
I think I can break this cycle by bringing the issues before God and asking for his help, asking for help and perspective from others, and taking little steps to change my habits. Sometimes these steps mean changing this or that little attitude, not just allowing myself to run on instinct, and things of that nature. Most importantly, though, I think I need to earnestly seek God and ask for his help. That seems to me to be the best route to take.