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it says that Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time AND he ALSO walked FAITHFULLY with God and pleased God. As i read through Genesis. God wants us to trust in him. God was PLEASED by Enoch as well because he ALSO walked FAITHFULLY with God. These people did what the lord commanded them to do, they did not ask or questioned him, they just did it trusted and served God. That is what Noah did. What i find most interesting is how complex scripture is when God is telling Noah on how specific on when building the ark, i think if that was me i would be taking notes and i would be like, hold on God can you speak any slower, reading genesis 6 was kinda of a challenge for me since i am really bad at measurements, and why again am I going for nursing? just kidding. I am passionate about working with people and that is why. SO i think even though there is so much hatred in this world we shouldn’t look at the world but look to God and what he wants from us.