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I think you make some really good and thought provoking points. Even though those around us are doing what is wrong, that doesn’t mean that we have to. It is so easy, I think, to justify our actions with, “Well, everyone else is doing it!” (Or something along those lines) However, as you point out, that is not what Noah did. Rather, he walked faithfully with God and found favor in his eyes, despite everyone else around him.

“Sin around us does not necessitate sin in us.”

I love this point! I think it is pretty basic and on one level we all probably know it, but it is something that seems to me to be worth being reminded of. It is so easy to give in to peer pressure or go along with the crowd or do what our sinful tendencies drive us to want to do since everyone around us is doing it. But if we look to people like Noah as our example, I think we can find strength and encouragement to live in a way that pleases God regardless of what is going on around us.