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“but Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord” not all man in that time were evil. man like Enoch, Noah did truly what God commanded and so God was pleased.

For me i can learn to trust God, his got my life under control. Yesterday I was reading Mathew 6 the part where it says “do not worry” it kept telling do not WORRY what your going to wear, what you are going to eat and not to WORRY about tomorrow that tomorrow had its own day to WORRY about, well that really got me thinking, i was really blown away , i mean i read it before but somehow yesterday it really hit me. It got me thinking after being in Rice park hanging with all the ppl who were homeless, how do they do it? but specially hearing about the woman that Sonia and Aleks talked too, i got silence for a while when i got home. that lady didn’t have money to constantly buy food, and when she did have bread or something she would feed the birds (wow!) even her kids offered her a place to live, but she refused to live with them. She just wanted to be where she was, she knew that God provided and she wasn’t afraid either to know that she might not have for tomorrow, she just knew that there was going to be plenty for her the next day…what i learn from this is to know that God does exist, that he doesn’t leave the ones that believe in him, know him and do what he commands.