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If I were to be completely honest, I would have to say I have no idea the kind of faith it would take to completely obey God as Noah did. I am grateful that God is abounding in love and slow to anger, because I know that I do not yet have the faith to do exactly as God asks of me, and more importantly as soon as He asks it.

I believe I have always tended towards thinking that God desires us to grow in the fruits of the Spirit by alowing us to mature through experience. Though this is true (only by His grace towards us), I also want to believe that in Christ I have already received a new spirit that is able to walk fully in faith without experience. It is my flesh that needs to be worked out, but the Spirit is already willing. God has not held back any of the wealth of riches we have in Christ. All this to say…. If Noah was able to live so completely by faith before the Spirit was fully poured out on mankind, how much more faith should I walk in? Much more!