Consumed Publishing is proud to release the first of two books in August, 2011. The first publication is “Finding God & Your True Self” by Jamie Overholser. Jamie writes the following in his introduction:

I write the following pages in the spirit of Henri Nouwen who admittedly did not completely grasp or live fully the thoughts and truths contained in his books. In fact, from time to time I will reread what I wrote months ago and struggle with believing it. Not because I think it’s wrong, but because I find it incredibly difficult to live. In the words of a friend, these truths need to be “re-read, re-learned, turned over, and re-worked” in such a way that keeps me sensitive as I walk this spiritual path of finding God and my True Self.

The release date is set for August 11 but you can pre-order your copy or copies now by hitting the google checkout button below. I highly encourage you to read this book. It may be used of God to open your eyes to the false identity you are wearing…even if you do not realize it. Christ set you free to truly know Him, walk with Him, be identified with Him, and live abundantly. Jamie’s writing will assist you in that journey.


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