I should say this is really Jamie, not Eric, even thought this post will sound very Ericesque.

This is my theory — Facebook is killing my network of bloggers. That’s right…I am calling all of you out. You know who you are!!! Facebook is cheap, easy, and convenient (I know I’m a hypocrite because I use it too). You can slap little cute wall posts like “How are you” “What’s going on” “Miss you” that requires no effort or detailed thought. Or then there is the “Inform people of your current status” thing. I’ll play along for the purpose of this post… “Jamie is currently ticked because no one blogs anymore.” The ultimate facebook feature — “poke.” What does it mean when someone pokes me? If I poke them back, they retaliate with a 2nd poke. When does the poking cease???

I miss your blogs. I miss hearing your heart, your thoughts, your views, your passions, and your quirky, random stories. Arise bloggers, and type again. The world awaits you (not just your confirmed friends)!


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