I’m reading in Deuteronomy this morning. Not the typical place you think you are going to find nuggets of truth to boost your spiritual journey. But I came across this:

“Know this: God, your God, is God indeed, a God you can depend upon.”

Three obvious revelations from the Holy Spirit today that are continuing to work me over. Not the most insightful stuff in the world, but if you are like me, I need these basic reminders.

1. God is my God. He is not just the God of Moses, Joshua, David, Job, Paul, Peter, etc. He is my God. I walk with Him the same way these great men of faith did. He is my God not because of anything I have done, but because I’m covered with the precious blood of Jesus. I know God. He is mine!

2. He is God indeed. There are a lot of “so-called” gods out there. Trying to get the job done. People are lighting candles, kneeling five times a day, carving images, etc. trying to awaken their gods. Trying to motivate them to action. Just hoping they will get a taste of their god’s power. There is only one true God and I am His child.

3. I can depend on Him! Can’t depend on many things in life. I found out I can’t depend on the tires of a 2002 Toyota Corolla on Sunday morning as Gretchen, my girls, our friend Ang, and I flew off the road going 65-70 mph 20 feet into a ditch because of black ice. Another friend of mine is in the hospital with an infection. She has been there for five days now. The doctors are trying to figure out her medicine, trying to get her to rest, etc. I’m learing we can’t depend at times on all of the technology living in 2005 brings. Heck! I know I can’t depend on myself. Many times I’m striving like crazy to solve this dilema, fix this problem, etc. It never turns out profitable when I try to do things without the power of God. But I can depend on God. I can rest in Him. I can lay my burdens at His feet and rest. Truly rest.

So, there is my mini-sermon. Hopefully helps a few of you. It helped me.


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