“I love the fact that I am completely forgiven through the blood of Jesus.”

“My eyes were opened to know that the enemy does want to attack me, but I have victory in Christ.”

“Abundant life starts now.”

“Hearing all the names Scripture calls followers of God – Children of God, worshippers, saints, chosen ones, etc. impacted how I view myself in Christ.”

These are paraphrased responses by those that attended the Ankeny Conference this past weekend. We are so pleased and humbled to be used by God. With you partnering with us in prayer, we saw breakthrough in many lives. The kingdom advanced, the enemy was attacked, and God received glory. Thank you to those that committed to pray. It was a joy to tell the attendees there were saints praying for them literally all over the world. The entire conference was immersed in prayer.

A technological blessing is you can experience some of the conference. Right now, one of the celebration time talks is posted on this blog. In the next couple of days, more talks and some of the live musical worship will be added led by Brad Kilman (who, by the way did an amazing job. We were so blessed to have him). Our podcasts are also up and running – so if you’d like to subscribe to our feed you can either a) look us up in itunes, or b) put this link in your pod program (

I want to thank Eric for all his work with sound, podcasting, powerpoint, and the fifty other things he did. Abby, you did a wonderful job with the prayer room. I could have stayed in there for a week. Dan, it is a joy to serve with you. I love your heart! Gretchen, you are my treasure. Thank you for everything you did that no one but our wonderful Father knew about. Lisa, thank you for sharing your gifting from God with us. Chuck, Dan, & Megan – thanks for your support from the Twin Cities. We were so glad to have you with us. Daylene, thanks for battling with us. Staffords, Frys, and all other friends in Des Moines – we couldn’t have done this without you. To all that gave financially to make this happen – “I pray blessings on you through the blood of Jesus.” We love you all. If I missed anyone, I blame tiredness and mental strain.

“Not to us, but to your name be the glory.”

Alive & free,


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