One Body
I found the following post from one of our board member’s blogsite so powerful, I had to put it up here. I agree with him 100%.

From The Journey

If the symbol of immersion in baptism is critical, then why would we not guard the critical symbolism of Communion, one cup and one loaf? Or have we actually establish a cultural adaptation of Communion that accurately depicts our setting. It seems that we are very much like the little individual cups in the tray. We are all sitting in the same room, and yet never touching. And the sterile little wafers I have seen in Communion services, sterile, individualized, neat, definitely not portraying the messiness of real life.
I understand the reasoning for not having the single cup, [definitely not hygienic] but then again, if we can change the symbol for pragmatic reasons in Communion, can we also do the same for baptism?
It grieves my heart to see how we have taken the most powerful symbol of the community of faith and changed it to the sterile modern very individualistic version seen in so many churches today.
And yet we wonder why there is so little true fellowship in the church. Maybe believers are simply living out the model they are seeing and experiencing every time they participate in a Communion service?


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