From Rob Stearns

Today I was reminded of how stupid I am. I was reminded that I’ll never be what I cold be if I keep getting in the way of letting God work in my life. I’m a slow learner. I heard a sermon today about the “Parable of the Soils.” I couldn’t help but be convicted by the third type of soil…the person who hears the word, listens to it. Grasps it. And then screws it all away.

Finds ways to let his potential get choked away by worry, by ego, by allowing the thorns to choke him away.

I wish I could point the finger of blame towards somebody or something else in this matter. But I know better.

Choked Away

I choke my life away.

Decisions to run,

in compromise to sink.

I choke it all away.

My dreams I choke,

never a chance given

to grow.

To grow.

I worry.

Worry my life away,

choke my future

by wringing my hands.

I count my worth,

I compare my kingdom.

I choke my future

in a sea of wealth,

vanity for myself.

My wants I adhere,

my decisions I adore.

My ego grows.

Around me it snakes

like a vine,

a vine of thorns.

I choke it all away.

and I hear nothing more

but the gasps,

my gasps

of desperation or desolation.

Of me choking my life away.


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