The Double Blogger Nazi (Jamie) is posting the first entry from another Consumed Blog Writer – Abigail Joy Amos. Enjoy!

Blood. Never a word anyone wants to hear, or discuss. I don’t even like the thought. I will never forget though, this one time my Grampy was in the hospital, and he needed blood. Several times during his time there, they had to give him blood. I hated it.

I’ll always remember rounding the hospital hallway, stepping into his room, and seeing my Grampy laying in the bed, propped up a bit with the bed tilted up, and a white towel wrapped around his head. He looked like a shepherd. The shocking part to me was how pale he was. I had never seen anyone so pale before, and it was horrible. It was because he needed blood.

It was at that instant that I felt the desire to give blood. Now, mind you, I hate needles. I have fainted before at the thought that I might have to get a shot. Needles are a huge fear of mine in life. HUGE. I tear up, get all clammy and sweaty, my stomach hurts- the works. You get the drill. I am saying this to remind those of you who hate needles, too- that I get it.

That incident with my Grampy was years ago- but it has always stuck with me. Recently, as I was leaving work (I work at one of the Starbucks in the Mall of America) I looked over the balcony down to floor one, and saw this weird scene. All these chairs that looked like tall beach chairs were set up, nurses were bustling about, and there was a table of soda and cookies. I was on the phone with my mom at the time- describing it to her, and all of the sudden I said, “ICK! People are donating blood!” I was so disturbed by the scene. Like a moment from a horror movie or something! My mom kindly prompted me, “You should give blood. It would be good for you.” Never in a million years did she think I would- she was half joking with me.

In that instant I knew. God wanted me to give blood. It was finally the time. My time. It made me think of my precious cousin, Holly, who had been killed in a car accident a year ago. She was an organ donor- and was able to give life to so many people in need of life. I was so inspired by Holly, and so proud of her selfless gifts. She gave me the final courage to step up to the table, and say, “I want to give blood.” In my heart, I knew I was donating my blood in memory of Holly, and in honor of my Grampy.

The whole process was amazing. Truly a supernatural experience! My nurse totally rocked- and I was even able to share with her about Holly’s life. The needle and all was nothing what I had always dreaded. It was virtually painless. But, even if it had been painful- people are in need. Blood saves lives, and I have healthy blood to give! My body is not my own. After it was all over, she told me I needed to eat and drink some sugar. No way! I was stoked about this! That was God’s special gift to me!

I got a letter in the mail showing me pictures of people whose lives were saved from blood donors. It was hard not to cry. They also sent me my blood type. Turns out, I have a rare type of blood. My heart soared when I found out. Not only did God lead me to give blood, but I gave, and I gave blood that is rare. Who am I to keep my blood in me just because I am afraid of needles? And now, especially because I have rare blood! This has been a profound experience for me, and something I aim to continue throughout my life.

What about you? Have you ever donated blood? Think about it…and just think, not only do you get to save lives, you get to be treated with mountain dew and cookies when it’s all over! Now if that’s not God-ordained, I don’t know what is!


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