Being Church

Book Description:This is the church, this is the steeple.” You probably know the rest of the rhyme. I hate to break it to you, but this is extremely misguided from what, or better yet WHO, the church is – as described in the Bible. Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Was He talking about a building? A once a week service under a steeple? Or is it possible Jesus was actually referring to people? And if the church is people, what would it mean for the world if we truly believed that to be true?

Sarah, Scott, Dan, Jamie, Gretchen

Sarah, Scott, Dan, Jamie, Gretchen



AUTHORS: Five people had a role in bringing this book to life. Jamie Miller (2nd from right) is the primary writer and humbly offers his insights on who he believes the Biblical narrative describes church to be. Sarah, Scott, Dan, & Gretchen (from left to right) contributed a written response to each section of Jamie’s writing. The feedback they presented are as unique as their background and personalities. The end product for the reader will illicit critical thinking and a much fuller picture of who Jesus’ church is called to be.


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Being Church
Being Church
Introductory Talk - Being Church
  • Introductory Talk - Being Church

    Introductory Talk - Being Church

    Dec 2, 2016 • 31:34

    The 5 writers of Being Church introduce themselves and discuss their expectations as they prepared to write for the book.

  • One Thing - Dan Halvorsen

    One Thing - Dan Halvorsen

    Dec 2, 2016 • 21:24

    Dan Halvorsen shares his final one thing from the “being Church” project and the discussion carries on from there.

  • One Thing - Gretchen Miller

    One Thing - Gretchen Miller

    Dec 2, 2016 • 24:21

    Gretchen Miller shares her final one thing with the other writers and an interesting dialogue develops.

  • One Thing - Sarah Stadler

    One Thing - Sarah Stadler

    Dec 2, 2016 • 25:20

    Sarah shares her final one thing with the group and an unexpected them arises.

  • One Thing - Scott Clements

    One Thing - Scott Clements

    Dec 2, 2016 • 29:03

    Scott shares his final one thing and a discussion of the exploration of faith among the writers follows.

  • One Thing - Jamie Miller

    One Thing - Jamie Miller

    Dec 2, 2016 • 10:15

    Jamie shares his final one thing and a very brief discussion follows.


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