Christmas always moves me emotionally. I don’t think a Christmas season has come and gone without me, at least one time, shedding a tear or two. The thought of the Lord of the Universe becoming a baby never gets old for me. What humility! What love! Currently I’m listening to a version of Silent Night as I work. The artist ends the song by singing…

Jesus, Lord at thy birth…

Is there any other appropriate response than alleluia? Just to break that down…

JESUS – The LORD saves
LORD – The King, Yahweh, Most powerful being ever
BIRTH – How could this be? Our Lord…born? Our Lord…baby? Our Lord…carried, changed, and fed? Our Lord…HUMAN?

ALLELUIA – A superlative expression of thanksgiving, joy, and triumph.

“Jesus, I sit here in Caribou trying to fight back tears. I am simply dumbfounded, moved, and humbled by you Jesus! As my friend Gary says – “You were always Lord, but you had to become Savior.” Why? I may never fully know. But I love you very much for the sacrifice. Alleluia indeed King of Kings. You astound me!”


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