Unless you are a fan of the television show Friends, you might not understand the quote from the subject line. It’s from basically my favorite episode of friends – Episode 1002, The One Where Ross If Fine. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go to your local Sam Goody or Sun Coast or whatever and pick it up – it’s definitely a solid 45 minutes of laughter. (Tara? Can you concur?) Anyways, my main reason for this outburst of words is just to express how in love I am with Lisa, and how excited I am that in 3 days I get to publicly promise my life and love to her. We are both currently sitting in Northern Light Espresso Bar in Scranton, PA – we just finished picking up our marriage license and are now enjoying the best caramel latte ever! Seriously, Northern Light has the best caramel latte – as many know I’m a huge fan of Starbucks…but they have absolutely nothing compared to this! (sorry Abs!) While talking to the lady who gave us our marriage license stuff, we found out that when Cliff (mr. officiator of our wedding) pronounces us man and wife….he has to say, “by the power invested in me by the state of Minnesota”. How cool is that! Standing in PA, we’ll be married through the power of MN. Kind of unique. Anyways, I’m very much in ramble mode today. Lisa is wrapping ribbons around some bubble stuff for the wedding, and I’m supposed to be writing my vows…but I’m not having focused thoughts at the moment. I’m just still kind of floored that in 3 days I’ll have a gold ring on my finger and I’ll be referred to as someone’s husband. Don’t get me wrong – i’m floored in a great way! I’m excited! And i’m ready for all the planning to be over and I’m ready for the part where I get to just enjoy the time with friends. So, the sum total of this blog was just to say 1. I’m getting married in 3 days! and 2. Episode 1002 of Friends – watch it and laugh!


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