I was taught growing up to never say the word “sucks.” So sorry mom & dad, but no other word can describe the week I just had. To say, “This week stunk” or “This week was really hard” would not fully communicate the last seven days. This past week just plain old sucked! The reasons for the “sucking” of the week vary. From conflict/miscommunication with friends (of which I am to blame — so I have felt like crap for hurting people) to getting the rosy news from Consumed’s accountant we were in the hole $500, to being rejected…I have had it all. So as I sit here boo-hooing for myself, I am reminded of Jesus’ words to the first 12 followers of the way. He said this in John 14:1:

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

I am learning more and more that in life, bad things are going to happen. They just are. You can’t control them. You can’t even control the stupid mistakes you are going to make. We are just prone to do completely idiotic things at times. We can’t control being hurt or experiencing sadness either. Those are going to happen as well. But there is one thing we can control. We can control the anxiety, worrying, etc. that we spend far too much time doing in our lives. Jesus basically says to His disciples: “If your hearts are troubled, it is your own fault.” You think I’m wrong? Read his words again. He says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” We have control over whether or not our hearts are troubled. Again, I’m not saying we control hurts or wounds, etc., but being “troubled.” If we are allowing our hearts to be troubled, then maybe we don’t trust God enough, plain & simple.

This is so true in my life. I allow circumstances many times to dictate how or what I am feeling. It is so garbage! Bas stuff is going to happen in all of our lives. But God is always faithful! He is completely 100% trustworthy in any & every circumstance. He is always good! He always will fight for us!

The enemy wants to swoop in during these moments of hurt, confusion, and despair and whisper things about our Father that he will burn for. I know in the past I have made agreements with the enemy and wounded my heart even further. Presently speaking, however, I’m not going to believe his lies. I am going to choose to get it right this time. I am hurt, but I won’t let anxiety take control of my life. I’m reminded of the song in Hillsong’s album Look to you when they sing (or should I say shout) this statement over and over:

“The enemy has been defeated. Death couldn’t hold you down. I’m going to lift our voice in victory. We’re going to make your praises loud!”

Truly Matt Redman (I know, I’m jumping all over the place right now) is right, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!” No matter what, blessed be the name of God. No matter what the circumstance. No matter what men say. No matter what the enemy whipsers! Blessed be the name of God.

For the moment at least, my heart isn’t troubled. I’ll choose to trust in God & His only Son that died for me. I’ll choose to fight for Him. I’ll choose to hold nothing back as I storm the gates of hell.

“Blessed be your name God.”


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