“The Generous Life” by Vince Miller

Consumed Publishing is proud to release this first offering from author Vince Miller. You, the reader, will be challenged to rethink your views on giving as it relates to the kind of heart Jesus desires to cultivate in his followers. This is a needed book in the western church and we believe God will use this piece of literature to move Jesus’ bride into a greater expansion of His Kingdom here on earth.

From the back cover:

“I wish I could be more generous!”

Most everyone agrees that generosity is a good idea, but who can actually afford to be generous these days? It’s hard enough to give to the church consistently, let alone tithe. What more can a struggling middle-class Christian be expected to do? Maybe this is one of those optional virtues…

Or maybe we simply need a fresh vision of what the generous life actually is.

Vince Miller…speaking to a church about generosity

The Generous Life – Introduction from The Generous Life on Vimeo.