Rise Up

From Rise Up by Rob Stearns:

What does John 10:10 tell us? The first part of the verse tells us that Satan is hunting us. And to what end? “To kill and destroy us.” He hates us so much that not only does he want to kill us, but he wants to destroy everything in our lives.

Satan hates me so much that he destroyed my family. He lured me away from my Christian responsibilities as a husband and then lured my wife away. And the worst part? I get to see my kids once every fourteen days, and I hate it. When I have to drop my children off after I get to see them every-other weekend, my son runs back to me weeping. I hold him, grab his hair, and hug him. And inside my ex-wife’s new apartment that she shares with her new lover, I weep. I cry and hold my son like no other father has ever held his son, and I weep. I tell him I love him, but there’s not one thing I can do about his torn heart. Then I get to drive home for an hour and cry.

Why is that the case? Because Satan hates me and wants to destroy everything in my life. I could stop right there, let the pain overwhelm me, and start to feel sorry for myself. I could let Satan win. I could give up.

But I can’t. I can’t give up. That’s only half the story.

This is just a sampling of Consumed Publishing’s latest book Rise Up by Rob Stearns. I’m taking some time to shamelessly plug this book because the bottom line is I really believe this book will helpful for you. It will open your eyes to the truths of Scripture regarding our fight against the enemy and God’s desire for us to be alive and chasing the dreams He has placed inside of us. It is an open, honest, and raw book from a guy going through some pretty crappy times, yet still believing God isn’t done with him yet. So order it, read it, and tell others to get it. Learn about the other half of the story!

You can order the book through our website or through Amazon.


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