From Gretchen Miller

God has been so gracious to give us some earthly parallels for our finite minds to gain some understanding of His infinite love and intimate relationship with us. And although we know they pale in comparison to His true character–they do give us a glimpse and play a huge role, at least in my life, of making the Invisible God become visible. Recently, I have been working through Beth Moore’s Bible study “Stepping Up” on the Psalms of Ascent. I was especially touched as I meditated on the second verse of Psalm 131, which reads,”Instead I have calmed and quieted myself like a little weaned child with it’s mother, I am like a little child” (HCSB). In her study Beth writes, “Is anything a bigger handful than a three-year-old? When was the last time you tried taking every step one of them took? Weren’t you exhausted? And yet when they’ve worn themselves out and the day is done, they’ve had their baths and squirmed into their jammies, hair still damp and smelling so good, they finally give up the fight and fall sound asleep…safe in their mommy’s arms. Tomorrow there will be more battles to fight, but for now the child lets down his guard, lets his parent be in charge, and surrenders every care in the world”.

Now, my earthly picture doesn’t involve a three-year-old and his mommy, but rather the world’s cutest two-year-old and her daddy. My daughter Macie and my husband Jamie have in recent days given me a beautiful picture of how I desire to be in relation to my Heavenly Father. In “Stepping Up”, Beth Moore encourages us to write our own Psalm based on what God has taught us in our study and the following is birthed out of my time spent with God and His Word to us in Psalm 131:

I want to be your baby–
Rest my weary soul upon your lap–
Let my worries run away as I just sit with you and laugh.
I long to share a precious moment with you soaking in my face-
sing a song of satisfaction in my safe and happy place.
Then maybe giggle for a moment
while You lean in and sneak a kiss.
I am so enraptured by Your presence I don’t ever want to miss-
Not one second…
Not one smile…
Not one word…
Don’t pass me by–
Just let me take these feelings and capture them in time.

I don’t worry about tomorrow-
I don’t care to know its fate.
I am living in TRUE FREEDOM-content to rest and wait.
There may be troubles and fears all around me,
But where I sit they don’t exist.
I am kept,
fully surrounded by your arms,
and KNOWING this:

You are my Hero and my Keeper
And with You there is no fear.
I can drift away in slumber
Knowing You are always near.

So I stop my useless fighting and place my head upon Your chest.
You brush Your hand upon my hair and I fall into peaceful rest.

Daddy, help me learn to trust You
And help others do the same.
May I rest in Your strong, sweet arms
And bring glory to Your Name!


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