By Carol King.
ISBN: 978-0-9766555-4-1



Words are like paint – the right ones line turquoise skies and fair weather and hope and orchards of lush peaches and fields of plump blueberries and baskets of juicy red tomatoes onto paper. Other right ones paint heavy grey skies, black nights, brown leafless trees, empty but for the granite tombstones, cemeteries.There is not one right word, as there is not one right color. One color only serves the other colors – the understanding of all each one signifies. So I paint with words, some yellow and orange and vermillion and some scarlet and violet and indigo.
I hope as you journey through these pages that you see the colors and listen to the words and, most of all, the God behind them who created them. We create in His image as the first Creator. And though I create in only the dimmest of reflections of His creation, these colors and words are my offering, first to Him and then to you.