SHEPHERD: Learning To Lead

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This is a small group study meant to be done with other people. At some point our leadership through shepherding people is going to be evaluated by the ultimate good shepherd. Our desired outcome for each of us is that we learn and grow together through this study of God’s instructions for shepherds. That we take the lessons learned in this study and we implement them into our leadership practices. That we never forget the example Jesus set for us in shepherding so we can continue to grow exponentially as long as we draw breathe in this life and Jesus has people for us to care for.


Small Group Study

2 reviews for SHEPHERD: Learning To Lead

  1. Tori

    This book was extremely beneficial in my growth as a leader. I have come across different situations as a Shepherd and material from this study gave me wisdom in how to move forward. This study also pushed my character in how I love, and serve the sheep God has graciously given to me.

  2. Mack

    I highly recommend this study to any believer. This book has helped refine my heart, mind, and actions as I step into leadership roles. I have referred back to this study many times, its a great everyday reminder for those in leadership.

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