By Rob Stearns.
ISBN: 978-0-9766555-1-0



It’s 3 A.M. and sleeping isn’t an option. Because you can’t. Tossing and turning and life s nightmares have left you wide awake. As you think about your life you aren’t quite sure of how you ended up where you are at…or even why. How did I end up here? Is this all there is? Didn’t I used to have dreams? Isn’t there more to life, than this? There’s got to me more, right? Right? There is more! There is SO much more! Jesus Christ promised us so much more when He was here on Earth. He promised us a life worth living! An abundant life. A life with PURPOSE! But something happened along the way to this abundant life. We began listening to lies. Then we began believing those lies. And now we don’t even know where the lies end or where truth begins. But the truth to this abundant life is there. We just need to find that truth again! We need to find it and grasp it. And once we have it…we need to become exactly what God wanted us to be. People with dreams. People who no longer accept lies as truth. People who want to do something with their lives. People with passion. People who will grab their dreams and Rise Up.