We were blessed to have Jeannine Hale, Program Counselor for the Prison Fellowship Academy at the Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility, join us for a conversation regarding her calling to minister to Jesus in prison. I promise you this conversation will both encourage and challenge your hearts!



I am married to a beautiful woman named Gretchen and have three amazing girls - Tori, Isabelle, and Macie. I live in the Twin Cities area currently but I was born & raised in Columbus, OH and will always be a buckeye. I have the privilege of being a part of my faith community - The Garden Communities - and seeing the Kingdom of God expanded on the campuses of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I enjoy watching OSU football, playing basketball, drinking amazing coffee & sharing a meal with friends & family.

You Did It Unto Me – “When I was in prison…” Comment

  1. This was phenomenal. Glory to God for this story of yet again redemption & forgiveness! I will be passing this on… thanks for sharing. I’m in awe of how God uses willingness once again ❤️

    Leah Fry

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