At yesterday afternoon’s Large Group Meeting for Intervarity at Normandale students shared how God was revealed to them this past academic year. It truly was an honor to hear the students, see their tears, and connect with their hearts. As I sat there and listened, I began to reflect on my life…what I have learned, experienced, embraced, etc. Then this afternoon I corresponded via the internet with a friend I haven’t spoken with for a while. I shared with him everything currently happening in my life. For some reason (maybe because of IV yesterday) I just want to post those words here…

Loving life, seeing God move in profound ways, abundantly blessed, truly broken for students, attacked by the enemy, humbled to serve people as a spiritual leader, understanding more and more Jesus’ mission includes the marginalized, frustrated with status quo, loving Gretchen more now than ever, being a dad is amazing, and believing the Gospel isn’t just something to be proclaimed but embodied as well.


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