From Rob Stearns

I wrote this the other day. I was really looking forward to being in church. I didn’t go. For reasons I do not want to discuss at the moment I didn’t make it to church. I felt like I missed out. Something from my day, or week, was gone…and I wanted it back. Then I talked to a friend of mine who kept going on about how great the music was that day. How the worship service really spoke to her heart. I was jealous…but had no one to blame but me. Then she said the sermon was really short (always a plus) but right to the point…and perfect for our congregation…then it was followed by more singing. God was there in the midst of everybody…but I wasn’t there.

Missing You

I missed you today
you were there–as always
but i didn’t make it
I heard you looked–
you looked beautiful
As always.
but I wasn’t there to see
they told me you sang
as only you can
I wish I had been–
been there
with you. with them.
but I ddin’t make it
I missed your voice today
I love to hear you sing
I wasn’t there.
they said you spoke
they said you touched their hearts
like you would have mine
if I had been there
but I wasn’t.
I didn’t make it.
I wish I was there.
I wish I had made it.


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