I spoke to Eden Prairie Presbyterian Church last week. If you are interested in hearing the talk you can find it here:

Mighty Men & Women

We are having some minor difficulties with our podcasting abilities so I placed the talk on my church’s website. The talk comes from the story of David’s Mighty Men in 2 Chronicles 11. There are so many parallels between King David and his mighty men to the fact that we should be mighty men & women for our King – King Jesus. Hoping the truths found from 2 Chronicles will exhort you like they have me over the last several weeks.



I am married to a beautiful woman named Gretchen and have three amazing girls - Tori, Isabelle, and Macie. I live in the Twin Cities area currently but I was born & raised in Columbus, OH and will always be a buckeye. I have the privilege of being a part of my faith community - The Garden Communities - and seeing the Kingdom of God expanded on the campuses of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I enjoy watching OSU football, playing basketball, drinking amazing coffee & sharing a meal with friends & family.