I have run 3 Half-marathons in my life and dribbled a basketball during one of them. I thought completing those races was a pretty amazing accomplishment…until I read a book entitled Living Beyond Awesome. Jen McDonough is, as she describes herself, “an ordinary, everyday, mom & wife” that completed an Ironman Triathlon. I mean the real deal Ironman Triathlon…not a modified triathlon. The full fledge triathlon that consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. All three phases have to be done in a 17- hour time limit to be considered an “ironman” (or “woman” in Jen’s case).

If you are looking for an encouraging story to motivate yourself to face the impossible in 2013, Living Beyond Awesome is the right push towards action you are looking for. Jen shares how she overcame her fears, perceived physical inabilities, and overcrowded schedule to accomplish what she sensed God was asking her to do. Not everyone is asked to complete an Ironman Triathlon but we all have various tasks & goals we know God wants us to accomplishment. If Jen was willing to do the hard work and persevere, I know we can too.

For more information, including ordering your own copy or copies, visit www.livingbeyondawesome.com



I am married to a beautiful woman named Gretchen and have three amazing girls - Tori, Isabelle, and Macie. I live in the Twin Cities area currently but I was born & raised in Columbus, OH and will always be a buckeye. I have the privilege of being a part of my faith community - The Garden Communities - and seeing the Kingdom of God expanded on the campuses of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I enjoy watching OSU football, playing basketball, drinking amazing coffee & sharing a meal with friends & family.