On the back cover of my journal, the phrase, “It’s all about you.” is printed. Huh. Me-huh? NO, that’s not true. It’s not all about me. Life isn’t about me. Sometimes I certainly live that way. It’s kind of the craze right now- for little girls, for teens, for women, the theme that “It’s all about us”. Huh. No-no-no. We’ve got it all so wrong. It’s not all about me, myself and I. Others, others, others. What if the craze was, “It’s all about others”? How would our lives be different? Our world? My life for instance would be a lot more peaceful. I’d be a lot more restful. I’d have a lot more joy! The joy would be deep down, overflowing from my heart, and abundant.
If my theme was, “It’s all about others”, I wouldn’t get angry and be hurt when things don’t go my way. Everybody would be better off. Even me. I’d have joy, peace, rest. Others would be touched, blessed, and feel loved. They would know I love them. Then they would know God loves them, because God is love.
Why is it that we think- and in the universal we I certainly mean me- why do I think that looking out for me, my heart, my needs, my betterment, my good will bring me happiness? It never has, never does, and therefore leads me to believe it never will! Yet I still cling to my walls; cling to every ounce of protection, any possible way to protect myself, my pride.
Oh how I fight to protect my pride. Believing, living out, “It’s all about others”, means a major shot of humbleness. It’s like I need humbleness pumped into my veins three times a day. At the very least. The littlest things tick me off, attack my pride, and then the walls go up. I’m like a rottweiler with its teeth snarling and its hackles up, ready to attack the next prey victim. Humbleness is like my owner (still assuming I’m a rabid rottweiler) holding tight to my leash. It’s not a rope leash, it’s a thick chain leash wrapped tightly around my neck until I can’t breathe. Being humble is a fight.
But once the humble choice is made, the hackles go down; the teeth cease drooling, and there is comfort. There is peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding.
So, what if our theme in life was, “It’s all about others”?

-submitted by Abby Amos


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